Safety Lockouts At ESE Direct

This week ESE Direct are delighted to bring you a selection from their ‘Safety Lockouts’ range. All items in this range come at excellent prices and can solve all your safety lockout problems. Whilst they have a selection picked out for you, the full range can be found by clicking here.


Nylon Non-Conductive Lockout Hasp

Nylon<br />
Non-Conductive Lockout Hasp The nylon non-conductive lockout hasp is a very effective way of keeping equipment locked down during adjustment or repair. This not only makes it safer for everyone, but also prevents accidental equipment damage. The bright red colour is very visible and signals to everyone that operation of the piece of equipment is prohibited.

Our Price from £9.97 (ex.VAT)

Heavy Duty Lockout Hasps

Heavy Duty<br />
Lockout Hasps Lockout by each worker at each lockout point Keeps equipment inoperative whilst repairs or adjustments are made Control cannot be turned on until last worker’s padlock is removed from the hasp Heavy duty pry proof steel 25mm inside jaw diameter

Our Price from £11.40 (ex.VAT)

Master Rotating Gate Valve Lockouts

Master<br />
Rotating Gate Valve Lockouts Designed to prevent the accidental operation of valves, this Master Rotating Gate Valve Lockout surrounds the valve handle. Specially crafted to be of especial use in confined spaces, this lockout has a unique rotating design for easy access.

Our Price from £15.22(ex.VAT)

Master Lockout Padlocks

Master<br />
Lockout Padlocks The Master lockout padlocks help keep all areas properly secured as conveniently as possible. These padlocks are especially useful in areas where there is valuable equipment to be kept secure or locked down. One of the advantages of using these types of locks is that they are compatible with the lockout hasps, which are sold separately.

Our Price from £15.53(ex.VAT)

Handle Ball Valve Lockouts

Handle<br />
Ball Valve Lockouts Designed to stop any accidental operation of valves by personnel who are not authorised to use them, the Handle Ball Valve Lockout fits onto virtually all handles that have a manual quarter turn.

Our Price from £22.89 (ex.VAT)

Safety Lockout Bags

Safety<br />
Lockout Bags Designed to stop any accidental operation of large electrical connections and hoist controls by personnel not authorised to use them, this Safety Lockout Bag fits onto virtually all large mechanisms and offers a broad range of lockout solutions.

Our Price from £23.36 (ex.VAT)

Master Padlock Lockout Stations

Master<br />
Padlock Lockout Stations Specially designed to stop unauthorised personnel from unintentional or accidental operation of equipment, this Master Padlock Lockout Station provides a one-piece solution to making the workplace safer and more secure.

Our Price from £96.19 (ext.VAT)

Group Padlock Lockout Box

Group<br />
Padlock Lockout Box Providing a high level of security for the workplace, this Group Padlock Lockout Box secures each piece of equipment’s lockout points with the use of a single padlock. The keys are secure in the lockout box, and cannot be removed until the last authorised user removes their padlock.

Our Price from £46.93 (Ex.VAT)

Master Seal Tight Ball Valve Lockout

Master<br />
Seal Tight Ball Valve Lockout Designed to stop any accidental operation of valves by unauthorised personnel, this Master Seal Tight Ball Valve Lockout is a universal fit for virtually all sizes of valves. Specially crafted to be a universal lockout, it can be fitted on all types and sizes of valves, including metal and PVC valves, insulated pipes, pipes which have been mounted close to walls, ceilings, and areas with limited access.

Our Price from £26.96 (ex.VAT)

Adjustable Cable Lockouts

Adjustable<br />
Cable Lockouts Designed to prevent any unintentional operation or use of cabling by unauthorised personnel, this Adjustable Cable Lockout is an excellent security measure.

Our Price from £20.63 (ex.VAT)

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