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This week they’re looking at weight loss. With over 20% of people in the UK being medically obese and a further third of the population being overweight, they feel that this is a matter that cannot be ignored.
Here are a few facts about obesity:

    • Obesity can lead to serious health issues including diabetes, arthritis and heart disease
    • Over 30,000 deaths a year are caused by obesity in England
    • Estimates state that obesity costs the NHS £500 million a year


    The best way to guarantee weight loss is to take in fewer calories and do more exercise… when coupled with the below products, weight loss can become a much easier journey.

This week’s top products…

Piriton Allergy


XLS Medical

RRP: £64.99  OUR PRICE: £38.99   SAVE: 40% 

XLS-Medical fat binder is a scientifically proven weight management product tailored to help you achieve your own desired weight loss goals. XLS will help you to reduce the absorption of calories from fat and carbs, managing your appetite whilst still allowing you to enjoy your meals.

Piriton Allergy

Must have

HealthAid CoffeeSlim

RRP: £19.99  OUR PRICE: £17.99   SAVE: 10% 

HealthAid CoffeeSlim Capsules are a new weight management supplement with essential ingredients, including Raspberry Ketones. The sale of Raspberry Ketones has now become restricted in the UK due to new licensing laws, meaning that there is now less competition on the market for products such as this.

The all-rounder

Adios Max Herbal Tablets

RRP: £36.60   OUR PRICE: £27.75   SAVE: 24% 

Adios Max is a licensed medicine to aid slimming. The natural herbal active ingredient in Adios can help you to lose weight by speeding up your body’s metabolic rate.

New Weight Loss Product | ALLI Replacement

Beslim are a medically certified brand that have founded this truly innovative product. Beslim contains animal free Chitosan, a fungal extract which is scientifically proven to have a high fat binding capacity, helping to neutralize calories due to the intake of high fat content foods, therefore helping you to lose weight or treat excess weight.

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Pharmacy2U Offer

This week’s top products…



Pirinase Nasal


Pirinase Nasal Spray
RRP: £7.14   OUR PRICE: £5.99   SAVE:16%

Piriton Allergy

Must have

Piriton Allergy Tablets

RRP: £6.99  OUR PRICE: £5.75   SAVE: 10% 

The good all-rounder

Optrex Allergy Eye Drops

RRP: £5.84   OUR PRICE: £5.15   SAVE: 12% 


Pharmacy2U July Offer

This week’s top products…



Product Image

What’s hot right now

Actinica® Lotion is the first and only medical product with proven effectiveness in the prevention of various forms of skin cancer

RRP: £19.98 OUR PRICE: £18.98  SAVE: 5%


Hay Fever is at it’s all time high at the moment, with it’s severity being all over the news!
Beconase hayfever Spray is our best-selling hayfever treatment.

RRP: £9.91 OUR PRICE: £7.39 SAVE: 25% 

New in

They’re happy to announce that they have recently started stocking E-lites. E-lites are a great cigarette alternative as they look, taste and feel just like smoking, providing a nicotine hit but without the harmful tar, tobacco and carbon monoxide.


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Pharmacy2u- Great deals on eyecare

With the approach of summer and an increase in pollen, there is an increased possibility of suffering from allergic conjunctivitis. Conjunctivitis is a very common condition which is painful and irritating for anyone unfortunate enough to catch it.

At Pharmacy2u, they are here to help you take care of your eyes and to help ensure you see the summer through clear and uninflamed eyes.

Did you know…

  • There are three main types of conjunctivitis: irritant; allergic and infective.
  • Infective conjunctivitis, caused by viruses, bacteria or sexually transmitted infections, such as chlamydia, is very common and causes about 35 per cent of all eye related problems in GPs’ surgeries.
  • Irritant conjunctivitis occurs when chemicals like chlorine, shampoo, smoke, or a stray eyelash irritate your eyes and rubbing them makes it worse.
  • If your eyes are sensitive to pollen from grass, flowers or trees, you may develop allergic conjunctivitis, which becomes more common as summer approaches.
  • Conjunctivitis is contagious and easily spread because of cross contamination between people living in close proximity
Deals on Eye care
Refresh Ophthalmic Solution 0.4ml– £3.69

Refreshes the eye and treats the symptoms associated with dry eye typically tired eyes, soreness, burning or itching.RRP £4.38 – Saving £0.69 – Price £3.69 – Discount 16%



Murine Bright & Moist Eyes – £3.99

Murine Bright & Moist Eyes is a unique formulation not for only whitening your eyes but provides instant brightness and moisturisers then aswell. Murine Bright & Moist Eyes contains two moisturisers which refresh and soothes making them sparkle bright and relieves symptoms associated with dry eyes.RRP £4.08 – Saving £0.09 – Price £3.99 – Discount 2%



Deals on conjunctivitis treatment
Altacor Clinitas Soothe Lubricant Eye Drops – £5.99

Clinitas Soother is a 0.4% ophthalmic solution of sodium hyaluronate, obtained by biotechnological synthesis. Sodium hyaluronate has muco-mimetic, muo-adhesive and viscoelastic properties that improve tear film stability and keeps the ocular surface comfortable.RRP £6.62 – Saving £0.63 – Price £5.99 – Discount 10%


Optrex ActiMist Itchy Watery Eyes- £13.99

Optrex ActiMist Itchy Watery Eyes repairs your eyes natural protective moisture barrier. Clinically proven to reduce itchiness in and around eyes, will not smudge makeup. Instantly cools, soothes and relieves itchy and watery eyes due to a disturbed lipid layer of the eyes year film can be associated with allergies to pollen, or to other environmental factors (e.g. air conditioning).RRP £15.31 – Saving £1.32 – Price £13.99 – Discount 9%


Optrex infected eyes eye ointment – £5.29


Optrex Infected Eyes Eye Ointment is a topical ointment for administration to the eye only, it contains an antibiotic called chloramphenicol. When chloramphenicol is given in eye ointment, it is used to treat bacterial infections that affect the front surfaces of the eye. The most common type of infection is bacterial conjunctivitis.RRP £5.72 – Saving £0.43 – Price £5.29– Discount 8%

Pharmacy2u – Blister prevention & cure deals

Deals on Blister Prevention:
Compeed Anti-Blister Stick – £3.99

Compeed Anti-Blister Stick

COMPEED® Anti-Blister Stick invisibly helps prevent blisters and chafing and instantly reduces rubbing from shoes. COMPEED® Anti-Blister Stick is a natural based lubricating formula that instantly reduces rubbing on skin, is invisible so is ideal for open shoes and is easy to apply. 

RRP £4.49 – Saving £0.50 – Price £3.99 – Discount 11%

Carnation Chiropody Felt Sheet – £1.59


Carnation Chiropody Felt Sheet is ideal for relieving pressure and friction on heels, balls of your feet, arches and tops of the feet. Medical grade felt. Hypoallergenic adhesive suitable for sensitive skin. Easy to use and cut into shape. 

RRP £1.73 – Saving £0.14 – Price £1.59 – Discount 8%

Deals on Blister treatment:
Compeed on toes blister plasters – £4.79

Compeed On Toes Blister

Compeed On Toes Blister Plasters acts like a second skin to support the natural balance to relieve blister pain instantly, protect and cushion against rubbing and offers fast wound healing. 

RRP £4.91 – Saving £0.12 – Price £4.79 – Discount 2%


Compeed Underfoot Blister Plasters – £3.99

Compeed Underfoot Blister

Compeed Underfoot Blister Plasters are specially designed to fit the ball of the foot. Compeed plasters acts like a second skin to support the natural moisture balance to relieve blister pain instantly, protect against rubbing, thanks to its thicker cushioning zone and offer fast wound healing. 

RRP £4.90 – Saving £0.91 – Price £3.99– Discount 19%


Compeed Soothing Blister Plasters – £4.59


Compeed Soothing Blister Plasters relieves burning pain instantly and stays in place for all day protection. Compeed hydrocolloid technology is an active gel with moisture absorbing particles. Compeed plaster acts like a second skin to support the natural moisture balance. 

RRP £4.99 – Saving £0.40 – Price £4.59– Discount 8%


Pharmacy2u – Great deals to prevent & cure bites

With the summer weather on the way, many of you will be looking forward to enjoying the sunshine and taking to the outdoors. However, we’re not the only ones who are lovers of the sunshine and the increase in temperatures. Mosquitoes, like us, much prefer the warmer weather.

At Pharmacy2u, they are here to help you repel off mosquitoes and prevent you from becoming the next victim of a nasty mosquito bite.

Did you know…

  • Only female mosquitoes bite humans and animals; males feed on flower nectar.
  • Some mosquitoes don’t bite humans, preferring other hosts like amphibians or birds.
  • The buzzing sound you hear just before a mosquito lands on you and bites is the sound of the mosquito’s wings beating 300-600 times per second.
  • All mosquitoes require water to breed. Some species can breed in puddles left after a rainstorm.
  • Mosquitoes can detect carbon dioxide from 75 feet away.
Deals on Insect Repellants
Ben’s Family Insect Repellent Cream – £5.29 

Ben's Family Insect
Repellent Cream

Ben’s family insect repellent is a lightly scented, easy to apply cream containing DEET, the worlds most effective repellent. Ben’s family is suitable for the whole family over 2 years of age protecting against mosquitoes, midges, ticks and other types of biting insects for up to eight hours. 

RRP £6.63 – Saving £1.34 – Price £5.29 – Discount 20%


Jungle Formula Sensitive Lotion – £5.79

Jungle Formula Sensitive lotion is non greasy alcohol free lotion for use on sensitive and young skin. Provides up to 6 hours protection for sensitive skin, for use in countries with a known risk of malaria or other insect transmitted disease. For adults and children from 12 months. 

RRP £7.65 – Saving – £1.86 – Price £5.79 – Discount 24%


Mosi-guard Insect Repellent Cream – £5.99

Mosi Guard Insect Cream

Mosi-guard is a powerful, natural insect repellent recommended for adults and children from 3 months. For use in high and low risk areas where malaria and other insect transmitted disease are present. Trials have shown effective protection for 10 hours after a single application. Protects against bitting insects, ticks and leeches. Mosi-guard is made from a natural and renewable resource and is kind to your skin. 

RRP £7.69 – Saving £1.70 – Price £5.99 – Discount 22%


Deals on Insect Bite Treatment:
After Bite Insect Bite Treatment- £3.69 

After Bite Insect Bite Treatment is used for the fast relief of insect bites and stings. For use on mosquito, horse fly, wasp, bee, nettle and jellyfish stings and bites. 

RRP £3.77 – Saving £0.08 – Price £3.69– Discount 2%


Hc45 Hydrocortisone Acetate Cream- £3.29

HC45 works by altering the bodys response to inflammatory reactions. It is an effective treatment that reduces inflammation and relieves itching and irritation for up to 12 hours. HC45 also promotes healing. For the treatment of irritant contact dermatitis, allergic contact dermatitis, insect bite reactions and mild to moderate eczema 

RRP £3.56 – Saving £0.27 – Price £3.29– Discount 8%


Germolene Antiseptic Cream – £2.29

Germolene Antiseptic Cream’s dual action is an effective treatment for minor cuts and grazes, minor burns, scalds and blisters, stings and insect bites, spots and chapped or rough skin. Germolene Antiseptic Cream has an antiseptic action to help prevent infections, plus a soothing local anaesthetic effect to numb the pain. 

RRP £2.75 – Saving £0.46 – Price £2.29– Discount 17%


Pharmacy2u – Deals to relieve back pain

For those suffering from back pain, continuing in every day activities can be a real challenge.

This week, Pharmacy2u wants to help you stop back pain from interfering with your life. With deals available on a range of their  back pain products, you can gain relief from both the removal of pain and the removal of costly treatment.

Did you know…

  • Back pain affects most people at some time in their lives.
  • It comes in many forms, from lower back pain, middle back pain, or upper back pain to low back pain with sciatica
  • Common back pain causes include nerve and muscular problems, degenerative disc disease, and arthritis.
  • Many people find relief from symptoms of back pain with physiotherapy and painkillers.
Deals on Back Pain Products
Cura Heat Neck & Shoulder Pain 3 Packs For 2 – £3.79

Cura Heat Neck &
Shoulder Pain 3 Packs For 2

Cura Heat neck & shoulder pain provides targeted, temporary 10 hour warming relief from neck and shoulder pain. The unique neck contouring ‘U’ shape provides warming relief to both the back and sides of the neck and the shoulders. Just open the sachet and apply to clothing/underwear around the base of the neck and the heat will radiate through to the source of pain – increasing circulation, decreasing stiffness and relaxing sore muscles. Fragrance free, non medicinal and with a thin discreet design, they are ideal to use anywhere. 

RRP £4.69 – Saving £0.90 – Price £3.79 – Discount 19%

Nurofen 200mg 12 Tablets – £1.79

Nurofen 200mg 12 tablets for rapid relief from migraine, headache, backache, period paid, dental pain, neuralgia, rheumatic pain, feverishness, cold and flu symptoms. 

RRP £2.05 – Saving – £0.26 – Price £1.79 – Discount 13%

Solpadeine Plus Soluble Tablets – £4.19

Solpadeine Plus Soluble Tablets are for the short term treatment of acute moderate pain which in not relieved by Paracetamol, Ibuprofen or Aspirin alone. Solpadeine Plus works for Migraines, Headache, Dental Pain, Period Pain, Strains and Sprains, Backache, Rheumatic Pain and Sciatica. 

RRP £5.21 – Saving £1.02 – Price £4.19 – Discount 20%

Cuprofen Tablets Maximum Strength- £6.95

Cuprofen Maximum strength tablets contain 400mg of the active ingredient Ibuprofen. Ibuprofen belongs to a group of medicines called non-steroidal anti inflammatory which when taken reduces pain, fever and inflammation. 

RRP £7.79 – Saving £0.84 – Price £6.95– Discount 11%

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Pharmacy2u – Look and feel good and save £££s

Pharmacy2u is here to help you look and feel your best for a fraction of the price.

This week, they want to give you a hand in resolving your hair woes. Whether it’s for a night out, a big event or even just for day to day style, at Pharmacy2u they can offer a wide range of products to tame that frizz and give you control over your hair.

Did you know…

  • Hair consists mainly of keratin, which is also responsible for the elasticity of fingernails.
  • The rate or speed of hair growth is not determined by the frequency of trims. Trimming will not make it grow faster but will keep your hair healthy so it can grow longer.
  • Often, freshly shampooed hair doesn’t hold curls as easily and can make the style fall flat. It’s best to shampoo hair the day before a big event, apply a mousse and blow-dry.
Deals on Hair Products
Brylcreem Wax Controlled Strong Hold – £2.99

Brylcreem Wax Controlled
Strong Hold

Brylcreem Wax Controlled Strong Hold. A classic strong hold wax that adds control and structure to short hair. To make sure your hair isn’t overloaded with product, only add a little at a time. If you?re having any trouble getting wax out of your hair try shampooing it dry before you wash it out. 

RRP £3.56 – Saving £0.57 – Price £2.99 – Discount 16%

L’Oreal Elvive UV Filter Caring Mousse – £3.59

L'Oreal Elvive UV Filter
Caring Mousse

L’Oreal Elvive UV Filter Caring Mousse is an innovation from the L’Oreal hair care laboratories, the Elvive Styliste range offers a unique combination of care and hold. LONG LASTING HOLD AND PROLONGED COLOUR RADIANCE Colour protect caring mousse contains a UV filter to help protect your hair and prolong vibrancy. RESULTS: Hair colour stays vibrant and shiny. Long lasting volume and perfect hold without stickiness. 

RRP £4.07 – Saving – £0.48 – Price £3.59 – Discount 12%

Pantene Pro-V 2 Min Deep Repair Masque. Normal – Thick Hair – £3.99

Pantene Pro-V 2 Min Deep Repair Masque. Normal-Thick Hair provides intensive hydration and resilience for your dry/damaged hair. Pantene Pro-V Advanced Formula: the rich repairing intensive treatment with micro-nourishers helps to lock in moisture deep down. It helps to protect your hair against future styling damage leaving it healthy-looking and shiny. 

RRP £4.99 – Saving £1.00 – Price £3.99 – Discount 20%

TRESemme Volume & Lift Extra Body Mousse- £4.59

TRESemme Volume &
Lift Extra Body Mousse

TRESemme volume and lift extra body mousse provides extra body and lift for lasting volume. Our salon quality mousse contains UV filter and ProVitamin B5 to help strengthen hair and add shine. Humidity resistant, lightweight formula protects against styling damage and offers medium hold for a salon quality, in-control and touchable style all day. 

RRP £5.10 – Saving £0.51 – Price £4.59– Discount 10%

PLUS, don’t forget Pharmacy2U offer a commission of £5 per consultation with their online doctor on a 30 day cookie:

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