New Voucher Codes From StressNoMore

New Voucher Codes From StressNoMore

StressNoMore is pleased to announce they have released 2 brand new codes for you to enjoy.

New Voucher Codes

Code: 5OFF
Promotion: 5% off orders over £35 & Free Delivery (excluding Kegel8 products)
Expiry: 11/05/2014

Promotion: 10% Discount when you spend over £55 (Excludes all Kegel8 branded products)
Expiry: 11/05/2014


OVA Period Pain RelieverOVA Period<br />
Pain Reliever Ova is the fast and easy way to zap away the pain, with no drugs or medication. Period pain is a chore, you feel groggy and doubled-up in pain. What’s the solution? Well you can’t work with a hot-water bottle strapped to your abdomen, but you can zap those cramps quickly and easily with the discreet Ova. It clips onto your trousers or skirt and the sticky-pads which block the pain are stuck onto your painful areas. Ova is a digital unit, with 3 button control and 3 preset pain-killing and relaxation programmes.

Our Price £27.99

Cefar Femina Pregnancy TENS and EMSCefar<br />
Femina Pregnancy TENS and EMS TENS is the electrostimulation of nerves in order to reduce pain. Surface electrodes attached to a TENS machine will pass a very low electric current through the skin to the nerves. These nerve endings then send a signal to the brain to block the pain you are feeling, providing you with drug-free pain relief. More recently TENS is being combined with EMS, which is the stimulation of muscles in order to build up strength.

RRP £169.99 Our Price £99.00

Conductive GloveConductive<br />
Glove This Conductive Glove is made from high quality woven silver nylon for effective conductivity and comfort. The silver fibres conduct the current throughout the whole garment, providing an even stimulation over a larger surface area than conventional skin electrodes can.

Our Price £11.99

Beurer EM38 EMS Belt stops Back PainBeurer<br />
EM38 EMS Belt stops Back Pain Take control of your back pain without turning to medication or costly treatments with this Beurer EM38 TENS Belt. TENS is a non-invasive and completely safe method of nerve stimulation which reduces acute and chronic pain. This Beurer EM38 TENS Belt is specifically designed to treat lumbar region back pain and features 4 built-in programs for pain therapy, muscle strengthening and massage.

Our Price £49.99

Neuro Trac SportsNeuro Trac<br />
Sports The NeuroTrac Sports unit will help with a wide variety of muscle related problems and is widely used by therapists around the world. If you suffer from any type of muscle related problem, the NeuroTrac Sports may be able to help.

Our Price £71.99

Circulation MaxxCirculation Maxx Sitting for long periods of time, whether it is due to your job or mobility problems, can cause a range of health complications as a result of poor circulation throughout the legs. Similarly, if you spend all day on your feet you may experience aches, pains and swelling in the calves and feet. Circulation Maxx uses a combination of EMS and Far Infrared technologies to stimulate blood flow, relieve aches and pains and keeps your legs and feet healthy.

Our Price £89.95

NeuroTrac Multi TENSNeuroTrac<br />
Multi TENS NeuroTrac introduce the MultiTENS which boasts the ability to run two programmes at once, allowing you to control your pain more effectively. Pain can be managed in two ways; via the ‘pain gate mechanism’ whereby pain signals are prevented from reaching the brain; and the release of endorphins – the body’s natural pain killing hormone. The NeuroTrac MultiTENS delivers both of these methods at once.

Our Price £58.99

WiTouch Pro Wireless Portable TENS MachineWiTouch<br />
Pro Wireless Portable TENS Machine TENS, Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation works by delivering mild electrical stimulation to the nerves via skin electrode pads. This blocks pain signals from being sent to the brain and stimulates the production of natural pain relieving endorphins.

Our Price £129.95

Touch TENS Drug Free Pain ReliefTouch TENS<br />
Drug Free Pain Relief This is a powerful unit using hospital-strength technology. When the tens machine stimulates through its pads, it uses nerve stimulation which feels a bit like pins and needles and in turn this triggers your body to release endorphins – your body’s natural painkiller.

Our Price £29.99

Kegel8 Mother Nurture Electronic Pelvic Toner & TENSKegel8<br />
Mother Nurture Electronic Pelvic Toner & TENS Combining the power of a clinically-proven Kegel8 pelvic toner with a powerful labour TENS machine for when the big day arrives, Kegel8 Mother Nurture will help you in 3 great ways and is a must-have for any woman trying for a baby.

Our Price £79.99

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