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Aqua Zinger

Zinger Everyone knows we all need to drink lots of water and research shows we drink more when it is flavoured. The Aqua Zinger offers a new way to enjoy drinking water with natural fruit flavourings. 

RRP £26.95 Our Price £24.99

Dust Mite Spray

Dust Mite
Spray Obviously it is virtually impossible to wash a mattress, yet we spend years of our life sleeping on them, creating odours and mites, mould, fungus and unpleasant bacteria. 

RRP £15.99 Our Price £9.95

Itch Gone

Itch Gone Itch Gone is a portable medical device that quickly relieves the pain and irritation caused by insect bites. Itch Gone works by stopping histamine release in the affected area; erasing the itch in seconds. Rashes, inflammation, skin redness and blistering fade away much quicker than normal. 

RRP £10.16 Our Price £8.07

Nada Back-Up Chair

Back-Up Chair Slouching is a universal back problem that can lead to permanent and painful deformations of the spine. Not only do chairs NOT solve this problem, most often they make it worse! Why? Chairs are passive mechanisms that cannot provide adequate support at the lower back where it is essential for healthy, comfortable and upright posture. 

RRP £44.95 Our Price £39.95

Sunrise Alarm Clock

Alarm Clock As humans we sleep better in total darkness but sunrise triggers certain hormones in our brains which encourage us to wake up and feel alert. 

RRP £89.99 Our Price £83.99

Professional Water Distiller

Professional Water Distiller The only guaranteed way to get the absolute purest water is steam distillation using a home water distiller. Distilled water is 99.8% pure water. By using a home water distiller you get water that is purer than any bottled or tap water and purer than any other type of filtration or purification method. 

RRP £189.00 Our Price £139.00

Soya Star

Soya Star If you have a lactose intolerance or simply prefer the taste of nut and soya milks then get a Soya Star All you have to do is throw together the ingredients with some water, press a button and the Soya Star does the rest. 

RRP £159.00 Our Price £139.00

Solevation foot scrub

foot scrub The Solevation Foot Scrub Bathmat has a sandy surface and a loofah surface both supported by a natural latex rubber base with non-slip suction cups. Grind away hard skin on the sandy side and buff up skin and nails on the loofah. 

RRP £29.99 Our Price £19.95

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