Introducing Pet Care From Stress No More

Introducing Pet Care From Stress No More

For pet owners, their pet’s health is just as important as their own. Stress No More bring you their brand new pet care department, giving you the very best pet care items for your dog or cat. Pet care at Stress No More brings you flea treatments, pet beds, pain relief and more, see the full range here.


Pet Parade Pet Cave Pet<br />
Parade Pet Cave The Pet Cave is perfect for cats, small dogs and even rabbits. The 5” thick plush base is really soft and comfortable, which older pets will love, particularly if they have arthritis. The outer removable cover is machine washable too.

Our Price £21.99

Pet Parade Sofa Pet Bed Pet<br />
Parade Sofa Pet Bed We know pets often think they’re human and prefer to snuggle up in the chair or sofa than on their own bed. But it’s not always practical, particularly if they tend to leave hair, dirt or drool behind! Great for arthritic or older dogs who need a little more support for aching joints.

Our Price £21.99

Lifemax Ultrasonic Ionic Pet Brush Lifemax<br />
Ultrasonic Ionic Pet Brush The Lifemax Ionic Pet Brush delivers a stream of positive ions whilst you brush your pet. The positive ions help to lift away dirt and odours without having to use shampoo, which often contain chemicals that can irritate your pet’s skin. Plus, ionising technology helps to unknot stubborn tangles. The device also uses ultrasound technology to repel fleas and ticks, so that you can avoid costly vet’s bills and, once again, the nasty chemicals included in many anti-flea and tick treatments.

Our Price £19.49

Pet Parade Dog Bone Toothbrush Pet<br />
Parade Dog Bone Toothbrush This dog chew toy has been designed with dental nubs which work to remove plaque, excess food and other debris from teeth and gums as the dog gnaws on it. You can add toothpaste or breath-freshening snacks to the dental nubs to encourage your pet to chew and help remove stubborn plaque and residue.

Our Price £9.99

Pet Parade Ultrasonic Silent Squeaker Pet<br />
Parade Ultrasonic Silent Squeaker This Ultrasonic Silent Squeaker lets your dog have fun without the annoying squeaking. The squeak is at 28KHz, whereas humans can only hear at 20KHz. This means your dog will still hear the noise and enjoy playing, without you hearing a thing.

Our Price £8.99

Pet Parade Dog Therapy Pants Pet<br />
Parade Dog Therapy Pants The pants are wrapped around the dog’s hips and secured underneath their tummy via adjustable Velcro straps. Two buckwheat packs sit in pockets on either side of the pants. These can either be heated in the microwave or chilled in the freezer, and when placed in the pants they will deliver soothing heat therapy to your dog’s aching hips and joints. They are machine washable.

Our Price £15.99

Chemical-Free Ultrasonic Tick & Flea Treatment<br />
Chemical-Free Ultrasonic Tick & Flea<br />
Treatment It emits ultrasonic wavelengths which cannot be heard by humans or pets, but which are intolerable to ticks and fleas. The device can remove existing parasites from your pet within 2 weeks, as well as protect them from future infestations. Plus, unlike some flea and tick remedies, the parasites cannot build up a resistance to this treatment.

Our Price £12.95

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