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StressNoMore brings you a selection fo their top hair and skincare items for you to enjoy. Some of these items include the Beurer FS50 Facial Sauna with Steam Inhaler and the Ginvera Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream SPF30. To see the full range, click here.


Tea Tree Oil Cream Tea Tree<br />
Oil CreamThis soothing cream can help you benefit from its properties – use as a cleanser and toner to help purify your skin, or after a bath for an invigorating pick-me-up. Try it – we think you’ll be impressed! Tea-Tree Oil Cream is also suitable for application to intimate areas and can relieve and bring it magical healing properties here too.

Our Price £5.99

Salcura Omega Rich Shower Gel Salcura<br />
Omega Rich Shower GelSalcura Shower Gel is a unique nourishing and moisturising skin Shower Gel that will moisturise and restore dry, itchy, irritable, flaky, scaly and aggravated skin. Natural Shower Gel provides maximum hydration to the skin and only contains a natural blend of omegas, vitamins and minerals.

Our Price £7.99

Beurer FS50 Facial Sauna with Steam Inhaler Beurer<br />
FS50 Facial Sauna with Steam InhalerThe Beurer FS50 Facial Sauna provides intensive skin care and aromatherapy inhalation. Perfect for cleaning blocked pores in the skin and improving skin radiance, but also delivers essential steam therapy for sufferers of asthma or other respiratory conditions, cold and flu viruses or more frequent sinus complaints. The cosmetic face care attachment of the Beurer Facial Sauna is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably around your face. Using the variable steam output, your skin circulation is increased, your pores opened and impurities removed on a deeper level than possible with just the use of cleansing products.

Our Price £23.99

R.E.M Spring Facial Hair Remover R.E.M<br />
Spring Facial Hair RemoverNew from R.E.M comes the R.E.M Spring – a revolution in hair removal! It is so simple to use and much kinder to skin than traditional hair removal methods. Simply bend the spring into an upturned U shape and roll along the skin. Hair is grabbed between the coils and efficiently removed from your skin far quick than if you were to pluck. Plus, there is no risk of sore allergic reactions which can occur after waxing or bleaching sensitive areas like the upper lips and chin.

Our Price £15.99

Salcura Omega Rich Shampoo Salcura<br />
Omega Rich ShampooSalcura Omega Rich Shampoo is an effective, paraben-free, regular use hair wash product for dry and itchy scalps. Used on it’s own or complimented by Salcura Conditioner, it’s great at dealing with a problem scalp and leaves hair looking full of vitality with a natural looking shine.

Our Price £7.99

Ginvera Green Tea Exfoliating Whitening Marvel Gel Blackhead Remover Ginvera<br />
Green Tea Exfoliating Whitening Marvel Gel<br />
Blackhead RemoverGinvera Marvel Gel works by specifically targeting the cornified skin layer, dissolving and removing the dead skin cells on the top most epidermis layer. This gentle yet effective exfoliating action zeros-out blackheads thoroughly and painlessly and helps remove deep layers of dead skin.

Our Price £22.99

Ginvera Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream SPF30 Ginvera<br />
Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream SPF30Ginvera Green Tea Nude Cover BB Cream is unlike any other BB cream formula; uniquely blended with Green Tea extracts, it contains anti-oxidants to help fight against free radical damage and helps to prevent fine lines as well as concealing existing lines.

Our Price £19.99

Neck Genie Neck<br />
GenieNeck Genie eliminates sagging skin and can reduce a double-chin or neck folds. Take years off your appearance and gently firm the underlying muscles of the neck and tighten the skin without expensive plastic surgery. Simply use just two minutes a day and the Neck Genie will help to tighten and tone your neck, chin and face the quick, easy, pain-free way.

Our Price £9.99

Salcura Omega Rich Bath Oil Salcura<br />
Omega Rich Bath OilEnjoy a soothing, relaxing bath, even if you suffer from skin problems with this gentle bath oil from Salcura. Salcura Bath Oil is a unique skin cleanser that will nourish, moisturise and restore dry, itchy, irritable and aggravated skin. It provides maximum hydration to the skin and only contains a natural blend of omegas, vitamins and minerals.

Our Price £12.99

Heaven Fresh HF507 Aroma Luxury Showerhead Water Ioniser (Handheld) Heaven<br />
Fresh HF507 Aroma Luxury Showerhead Water Ioniser<br />
(Handheld)The elegant Heaven Fresh HF507 Aroma Luxury Shower Head Water Ioniser replaces your existing shower head, simply attaching to the hose, to deliver a chlorine-free shower bursting with negative ions, vitamin C and a relaxing lemon aroma.

Our Price £54.99

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