GLTC – 20% off Northcote Storage Furniture

Northcote Storage is their very own storage solution for busy family home, its’ modular design means it is versatile and can be tailored to fit any room and anyone’s needs. That’s why it was voted “Best Furniture Collection 2013” by Junior Magazine Design Awards and since then they’ve added in even more styles, shapes and sizes to their range!

When choosing your modular storage you’re best of looking at what space you have available and considering what you need. Consider whether you need the height so you have more floor space or whether you need to fit it around a corner, or maybe you want it to be a feature to your room.
When choosing Northcote storage you need to select each section by splitting it into two. First of all choose your top / middle section. This could be anything from a cupboard unit or blackboard unit to a shelf unit or divider unit.

The Regular Cupboard Unit and Blackboard Unit are fantastic if you want to hide things away and a great for the living room or kitchen. With internal shelves you can store away those messy items such as arts & crafts that you can’t throw into a canvas cube.

Was £125 Now £100

Their regular divider unit has adjustable shelves so you can move them up and down based around your needs, they also have been cleverly designed to fit with our Canvas Storage Cubes. This unit is great for storing accessories, books, toys – well everything really! What’s more you can position it as a low down piece of furniture so it’s accessible for the kids, or have it higher up and stacked so it’s out of reach of little hands.

Was £95 Now £76

If you need to fit your storage around a tight space then the Corner Shelf Unit is the answer. With adjustable shelves you can again tailor it to store your requirements and even use with some Canvas Storage Cubes or Half Cubes.

Was £110 Now £88

For tight spaces the Skinny Shelf Unit is perfect, as you could use it on its’ own or add it onto another piece such as a cupboard unit or Divider Unit.

Was £65 Now £52

All of the above can be stacked on top of each other so you can mix it up and also get as much out using the height of your room.

Once you’ve decided on which storage pieces you need, next you need to select the base unit, they have designed various bases to fit each unit size and you have the choice of a toy box or open base. All of these have 20% off – just browse our Northcote Section

Plus if you’re not quite looking for a large storage unit and you just some stacking storage to tuck away in the corner their Blackboard Stacking Storage Boxes also have 20% off this week. They have six colours to choose from and they are all made from solid MDF.

Offer ends Tuesday 6th May!

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