Fitness At JD Harris

Dr Archy – Plantar FasciitisDr Archy -<br /> Plantar Fasciitis To use the Dr Archy pop on the black elastic band and then velcro on either the ball or bar. We recommend using both. Roll them up, down and around your feet. Try to stretch your toes back so the plantar fascia ligament is exposed so Dr Archy can do his massaging.
RRP £24.95 Our Price £18.95

Evolution ChairEvolution<br /> Chair The Evolution Chair™ is a new type of pilates chair, back chair or posture chair suitable for anyone who sits for extended periods of time. With the Evolution chair you develop good posture and core strength – the best insurance against back injury.
RRP £139.99 Our Price £99.95

Globus Physio Plate MY GOLDGlobus<br /> Physio Plate MY GOLD Globus is one of the top manufacturers of vibration plates and this model was originally designed for athletes. The Globus Physio Plate MY GOLD enhances sports performance by strengthening muscles and increasing elasticity and flexibility. It is used in rehabilitation centers and professional facilities for increasing co ordination and joint mobility. And it is used to treat osteoporosis, due to its ability to increase bone density.
RRP £8,899.99 Our Price £7,489.00

Globus Premium 200 EMSGlobus<br /> Premium 200 EMS The Premium 200 is our best-selling Electro-Muscle Stimulator (EMS) for serious athletes.It is suitable for any athlete in any discipline and is a favourite with Triathletes. It is comparable to the Compex Mi Sport but costs about two thirds the price.
RRP £399.99 Our Price £348.99

Kegel Pelvic Exercise WeightsKegel<br /> Pelvic Exercise Weights Kegel Pelvic Exercise Weights are generally more effective than other forms of pelvic exercise because you cannot do anything but exercise your pelvic floor muscles when you use kegel weights.
RRP £44.95 Our Price £27.95

PainSolv MKV ModelPainSolv<br /> MKV Model A new device, slightly bigger than a pen, helps relieve painful muscles and ease sore joints. The PainSolv emits a Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) which literally stimulates damaged cells, boosts blood supply and reduces pain by stimulating your body’s own natural healing process.
RRP £179.95 Our Price £149.95

Qfiber Heat Wrap PadQfiber<br /> Heat Wrap Pad Qfiber heat wrap is used by individuals for soothing relief from pain, muscle tension and stress. If is regularly used by a wide range of people who may have arthritis, muscle, joint or back pain. And athletes use Qfiber heat wrap for injury recovery, circulation improvement and performance enhancement.
RRP £69.99 Our Price £52.95

Pinhole GlassesPinhole<br /> Glasses Pinhole glasses exercise the focusing muscles of your eyes and can correct vision permanently when worn for only 15 minutes a day. And they only cost £10.95. (cheapest price on the web for optical grade pinhole glasses)
RRP £24.99 Our Price £10.95

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