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Dr Archy – Plantar FasciitisDr Archy -<br />
Plantar FasciitisThis ligament is meant to be soft and elastic and not have any painful points if you massage your knuckles along it. However most people’s are not. Plantar Fasciitis is the condition caused when the plantar fascia ligament becomes inflamed.

RRP £24.95 Our Price £18.95

Evolution ChairEvolution<br />
ChairFACT: The human skeleton is NOT designed for chairs. Even ergonomic chairs, which are designed to hold the body upright, only do so effectively for short periods of time. After that, your postural muscles tire, your body slumps and your spine twists out of alignment. When your postural muscles weaken you get back pain and potentially put your back at risk of injury.

RRP £139.99 Our Price £99.95

Globus Duo Pro EMSGlobus Duo<br />
Pro EMSOne is a German company, the other is an Italian company called Globus. Other companies who claim to be able to make effective units have technology which is not as advanced (even if their advertising is more advanced)

RRP £135.00 Our Price £119.00

Globus Physio Plate MY GOLDGlobus<br />
Physio Plate MY GOLDGlobus is one of the top manufacturers of vibration plates and this model was originally designed for athletes. The Globus Physio Plate MY GOLD enhances sports performance by strengthening muscles and increasing elasticity and flexibility. It is used in rehabilitation centers and professional facilities for increasing co ordination and joint mobility.

RRP £8,899.99 Our Price £7,489.00

PainSolv MKV ModelPainSolv<br />
MKV ModelThe PainSolv emits a Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) which literally stimulates damaged cells, boosts blood supply and reduces pain by stimulating your body’s own natural healing process.

RRP £179.95 Our Price £149.95

Globus Premium 200 EMSGlobus<br />
Premium 200 EMSIt is suitable for any athlete in any discipline and is a favourite with Triathletes. It is comparable to the Compex Mi Sport but costs about two thirds the price.

RRP £399.99 Our Price £348.99

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