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A pocket sprung mattress is a great choice for those looking for excellent comfort levels, at an affordable price. Each individual case is encased in its own fabric ‘pocket’, offering edge-to-edge support, whilst also eliminating a common problem with cheaper mattresses – roll together. Roll together can be a real nuisance, but a pocket mattress eliminates this problem.


Pocket Essentials 1000

Essentials 1000 A pocket sprung mattress at a sensible price. 1000 individually incased springs make up the system for great body moulding support. Specifically designed to maximise pressure relief through spreading your bodyweight across the mattress. The cover is high density stretch fabric which is soft to the touch and, more importantly, it’s breathable. 5 year guarantee. 

Our Price £199.00

Pocket 1000

1000 Great value for money without compromising on quality. With 1000 pocket springs and a 6 gauge rod edge, it offers edge to edge support as well as fantastic body moulding comfort. This medium to firm tension mattress also contains man made hypo allergenic white fibres which are perfect for allergy suffers and is finished with a hard wearing damask cover. Handles and vents are a sign of craftsmanship. 

Our Price £239.00

Memory Pocket Deluxe 1000

Pocket Deluxe 1000 Featuring 1000 pocket springs, the Healthopaedic Memory Pocket Deluxe is a hugely competent mattress with a noteworthy level of comfort. The combination of the sublime pocket springs and the generous 25mm of memory foam makes for a great sleep solution. Luxury hypoallergenic fillings help to combat the complaints of allergy sufferers. 

Our Price £245.00

Restapocket 1200

Restapocket 1200 One up from the 1000, the 1200 has more fillings and pocket springs for a medium to firm feel with extra support for good back care. Restopaedic’s own 100% hypo-allergenic iSoft fibre fillings have the feel of silk. 2 rows of side stitch and a 6 gauge rod edge keep the sides from sagging. The hard wearing damask cover is hand tufted in place. 

Our Price £295.00

Cotton Pocket 1200 Chenille

Pocket 1200 Chenille A British made mattress with a super soft knitted cover. 1200 pocket springs provide good support with a medium to firm feel. A layer of iSoft fibre combined with naturally cool, luxury cotton fillings makes for a comfortable mattress. British Bed Company’s own Bulldog Border, working in tangent with a rod edge, extends the sleeping surface and stops the sides from sagging. 

Our Price £319.00

Restapocket 1400

Restapocket 1400 A step up from the Restapocket 1200, 1400 pocket springs provide a firmer feel with extra support for good back care. For a feel of silk, the 1400 is even more stuffed with Restopaedic’s own 100% hypo-allergenic iSoft fibre fillings. A 6 gauge rod edge helps keep the sides from saggingand extends the sleeping surface. Deep hand tufts, handles and vents are a sign of quality. 

Our Price £329.00

The Love Bed Mattress

 The Love
Bed Mattress To celebrate the month of love, the British Bed Company have launched the luxurious Love Bed mattress. Featuring all the things we love, the Love Bed has 1000 individually pocketed springs, an astonishing 50mm thick layer of high grade memory foam and a super sumptuous soft quilted cover finished with a deep unique heart-design jump and tack cover, keeping the fillings in place for years to come. This combination provides great body moulding properties for that cuddly feeling. The Love Bed – the end to the perfect day. 

Our Price £349.00

Restapocket 1200 Memory

Restapocket 1200 Memory Memory foam and pocket springs with a medium feel. 1200 pocket springs make up the unit, providing great support for your back. A thick 50mm layer of memory foam is high loft micro quilted in place with a fresh white, knitted and breathable cover. Perfect for allergy sufferers, this mattress is hypo allergenic. Handles and vents are a sign of quality. 

Our Price £379.00

Zero Gravity 1000

Gravity 1000 Zero Gravity Foam is an innovative new filling designed to give you a weightless feeling. 1000 pocket springs which provide great support in key areas through moving independently. Made from eco-friendly materials derived from cellulose, Tencel is temperature regulating, soft, breathable and naturally anti-bacterial. Its foam encapsulated sides bring superb edge to edge support. 1 year guarantee. 

Our Price £385.00

New Legend Ortho 2000

Legend Ortho 2000 One of the firmest mattresses we have to offer on our website. Aimed at sufferers of back pain and those that are of above average stature, the 2000 pocket spring unit provides outstanding support. It has a strong and hard wearing damask cover for long-lasting quality. Handles and vents are a sign of effort. Layers of tightly strung fillings create a dense cushioned top surface. 

Our Price £395.00

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