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Heat treatments can be one of the most effective ways to relieve pain and discomfort in the body. Hot and cold therapies can be used to treat different injuries and ailments. Whereas a cool surface can help relieve aching, tired muscles, it can soothe a throbbing headache and help to reduce inflammation. See the full range of heat treatments at Stress No More here.

Gel Cooling Bed PadGel<br />
Cooling Bed PadGel Cooling Pads are also great for keeping cool during hot summer months, particularly when trying to sleep when warmth and humidity can leave us feeling sticky and uncomfortable. Women going through the menopause may also find Gel Cooling Pads helpful in relieving hot flushes.

Our Price £9.99

Hot/Cold Gel Wrist Support

Hot/Cold<br />
Gel Wrist SupportThis gel wrist support has everything you need in one; it provides support, compression, hot and cold therapy, and can be worn on your left or right hand – we love it! Place the gel pack in the fridge to cool for therapy to strains, sprains and bruises. Or, place the gel pack in the microwave to apply heat therapy to aches and pains.

Our Price £9.99

Schupp Cherry Stone Hot/Cold Pack- Neck & Shoulders

Schupp<br />
Cherry Stone Hot/Cold Pack- Neck & ShouldersHeat therapy should be used for sub-acute pain such as arthritis, osteoporosis and other long term conditions. Simply heat your Cherry Stone pack on a radiator, in the microwave or even in a pre-heated oven. The natural cherry stones will hold their heat for periods of 20-30 minutes meaning you can relax without having to worry about re-heating your pack.

Our Price £19.99

Treets Hot Body Wrap Flaxseed Heat Pad

Treets Hot<br />
Body Wrap Flaxseed Heat PadThis 100% natural Treets Hot Body Wrap Flaxseed Heat Pad has a soft, breathable cotton outer and contains flaxseed, which heats and retains its temperature brilliantly. The fine seeds also allow the wrap to conform to the shape of your body in order to conduct its heat most effectively.

Our Price £19.99

Beurer HK63 Rheumatherm Magnetic Heating Pad

Beurer<br />
HK63 Rheumatherm Magnetic Heating PadThe Beurer HK63 Rheumatherm Magnetic Heating Pad cleverly incorporates heat and magnetic therapy for pain relief of muscle injuries, rheumatism, arthritis, lumbago, frozen shoulder, period pain and more.

Our Price £29.99

Lifemax Migraine Relief Wrap

Lifemax<br />
Migraine Relief WrapYou can chill it down in the freezer or place it in hot water to heat it up, then place it on your forehead to soothe pain. The elasticated strap means it fits comfortably to any head, and you could even use it on arms, legs, knees or anywhere else on the body which is painful or injured.

Our Price £9.99

Hot / Cold Compression Knee Wrap

Hot / Cold<br />
Compression Knee WrapAn advanced compression therapy design helps to deliver hot or cold therapy deep inside the muscle tissue for maximum relief from pain and discomfort. The Compression Knee Wrap combines the proven benefits of heat pads for knee pain and ice packs for inflammation into one essential product.

Our Price £29.99

Hot & Cold Foot Wraps

Hot &<br />
Cold Foot WrapsThese Hot/Cold Foot Wraps are ergonomically designed to fit the contours of your feet to deliver gentle heat therapy deep into your muscles. Simply pop the wraps in the microwave to heat them, or leave them in a bag in the freezer to chill them down. They’re perfect for arthritis, bursitis and general heel and arch pain or tiredness.

Our Price £12.99

Hot & Cold Therapy Vest

Hot &<br />
Cold Therapy VestIt can be difficult to relieve pain in the neck, shoulders and upper-back as it’s often impossible to fully rest these areas except when laid down. The Hot & Cold Therapy Vest allows you to treat pain whilst on the go, as it works to deliver effective heat therapy to the neck, shoulders and upper-back.

Our Price £14.99

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