Crowd Control Barriers From ESE Direct

Crowd Control Barriers From ESE Direct

This week ESE Direct bring you their excellent Crowd Control Barrier range, so whether you are hosting and event and need to keep onlookers back, or are carrying out some construction work and need to create a perimeter, ESE Direct have some fantastic solutions on offer. Whilst they have picked out some examples for you below, you can view the whole range by clicking here.


Water Filled Road And Traffic Barrier – Pallet of 18 BarriersWater<br />
Filled Road And Traffic Barrier - Pallet of 18<br />
Barriers Pallets of 18 water or sand filled barrier for use on the road or private property. Easily stackable and transported the substantial barrier can be easily set up and linked together by one person only. Weighing 8 Kgs each the barriers are heavy enough to be left however there are pre-positioned holes for filling the barriers with water or sand. Each barrier can hold up to 12 Litres of water and when filled weigh 40 Kg’s meaning they are extremely stable both when filled and empty.

Was From £554.91 Now From £499.42 Save £55.49

Workgate Barrier SetsWorkgate<br />
Barrier Sets Manufactured in one piece from tough high density polyethylene, the Safegate Barrier sets are ideal for applications such as cable laying, manhole repairs and other temporary excavations. An interlocking clamp increases stability when the barriers are deployed, and the hinge clips enable the barriers to be assembled quickly, making them an ideal solution when a quick repair job is required.

Our Price From £46.54

Plastic Expanding BarrierPlastic<br />
Expanding Barrier With it’s highly visible red and white appearance and reflective safety panels, this plastic expanding barrier is difficult to miss and therefore is an ideal solution for cordoning off hazardous areas. Manufactured from 100% recycled plastic, this barrier can cope with a range of applications, due to it’s ability to expand to a maximum length of 2250mm.

Our Price From £94.05

Non Adhesive Barrier Tape 75mm x 500m rollsNon<br />
Adhesive Barrier Tape 75mm x 500m rolls This non adhesive barrier tape is great for cordoning off areas in a quick, easy and cost efficient way, at just a snip of the cost of a plastic or steel barrier. You can also purchase the metal poles specially designed for tape for an efficient barrier system.

Our Price From £13.11

Minder Barrier Floor Signs with StandMinder<br />
Barrier Floor Signs with Stand Linkable yellow polyethylene safety barriers ideal for airports, shopping centres, restaurants, hospitals etc. Available singularly or in packs of two. Minder barriers each include a fold away stand. Minder dimensions: 1000mm high x 800mm wide x 25mm deep. Each Minder is supplied with a pack of six signs: Caution – Out of service. Caution – Work area. Caution – Wet floor. Temporarily closed. Danger – Keep out. Cleaning in progress.

Our Price From £41.35

Barrier Frame SetsBarrier<br />
Frame Sets Available singularly or in sets of 2 or 3. Complies with Chapter 8 of the UK regulations for road works. Red and white reflective top strips. Fixings for standard lamps. Each frame is 1000mm wide x 1000mm high. Weighted bases are available for extra support – One base for every 2 frames is recommended if used in a straight lin.e

Our Price From £44.68

HandiGuard Barrier FramesHandiGuard<br />
Barrier Frames Modular barrier panels can link together with snap on hinges to enclose any shaped area. Foldaway for easy storage. Smooth even finish for easy cleaning. Lightweight – each panel weighs 2.5kg. Made from durable polyethylene. Rubber base stand available (BMUS1) if used in a long straight line or for windy conditions. Each panel measures 800mm high x 1000mm wide x 30mm deep. Black and Yellow topped barriers are supplied with standard ‘Caution’ symbol and are designed to comply with BS7801:1995 safe working on escalators and elevators and are suitable with HSE’s recommendation on avoiding slips and trips when cleaning. Red and White reflective topped barriers are supplied with standard ‘No Entry’ sign and are suitable for outdoor use.

Our Price From £73.99

Multi Gate Metal Folding Barriers for Hazard ProtectionMulti Gate<br />
Metal Folding Barriers for Hazard Protection Stands firmly in place when positioned. Additional gates and flexible nylon clips available to form longer runs. Powder coated steel frames with plastic warning boards.

Our Price From £89.39

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