Beauty From JD Harris

Beauty From JD Harris

Stay beautiful with JD Harris!

Emmi-dent 6 The Word’s first ultrasonic toothbrushEmmi-dent<br />
6 The Word's first ultrasonic toothbrush The Emmi-dent produces 96 million ultrasonic oscillations per minute. Together with the special Emmi-dent toothpaste this creates billions of tiny nano-bubbles which clean the teeth and destroy harmful bacteria even where brushes cannot reach.

RRP £135.00 Our Price £97.00

Globus Duo Pro EMSGlobus Duo<br />
Pro EMS If you have average fitness and regularly visit a gym or want to take up a fitness routine and want an EMS for weightloss, lymph drainage and muscle toning this is the ideal unit.

RRP £135.00 Our Price £119.00

ePen permanent hair removalePen<br />
permanent hair removal The Verseo ePen achieves permanent hair removal by passing a direct current through the hair to the base of the follicle. This process damages the root of the hair every time a treatment is repeated resulting in the cells being unable to grow more hair.

RRP £119.95 Our Price £69.95

Lift Away the YearsLift Away<br />
the Years The Lift Away the Years wand uses gentle vibrations to stimulate the muscles in the face while Crystal Clear’s Intense Anti-Ageing serum is massaged deeply into the skin. It produces an instant anti-ageing effect. Used morning and night as part of your daily moisturising routine, the results will get better and better.

RRP £69.00 Our Price £57.50

Dermaflage Dermal Filler – Starter KitDermaflage<br />
Dermal Filler - Starter Kit The Dermaflage Topical Dermal Filler will cover scars and birth marks and can even fill in wrinkles.

RRP £43.95 Our Price £31.95

Original Toe Stretchers (Pair)Original<br />
Toe Stretchers (Pair) Toe Stretchers are simple gel-filled bags which fit between your toes and work the toes apart to stretch the muscles of your feet.

RRP £39.95 Our Price £14.95

Hair PlusHair Plus Traditional shampoos and conditioners often strip your hair of vital nutrition. Verseo Hair + works on the hair itself, infusing special herbs and amino acids to help grow hair as fast and as healthy as possible. It is perfectly safe to use as it contains mostly natural ingredients.

RRP £29.99 Our Price £19.99

Collyre Bleu Eye DropsCollyre<br />
Bleu Eye Drops Celebrities use these simple eye drops because they make your eyes look incredibly bright. Collyre Blue eye drops have the following benefits: they clarify your eye making it look bright and appealing. they hydrate your eye – people who suffer from dry eyes love them. they knock back any redness in the white of the eye.

RRP £24.99 Our Price £19.95

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