Amazing New Products At Stress No More

Amazing New Products At Stress No More

There are some exciting new products at Stress No More, and they are all designed to make your life eaiser and more comfortable. Relieve pain with the Pain No More pen, beat hayfever with the Drug-free Hayfever treatment tool or treat varicose veins with circulation therapy. Browse more new products at Stress No More here.


SeaCell Silver Antibacterial SocksSeaCell<br />
Silver Antibacterial Socks Designed primarily for diabetics, these socks are woven with sea algae which naturally absorbs nourishing minerals found in the sea. They help to protect your feet from fungal infections and skin allergies which can cause severe damage to diabetic feet as a result of circulatory problems. Plus, they’re made from Lyocell fibre which makes the socks soft and breathable.

Our Price £12.95

Pain Gone Pen Pain Gone<br />
Pen This revolutionary device uses Piezo Electric Therapy to relieve pain within minutes, with no-side effects and no hassle. Simply place the Pain Gone Pen over an acupressure point and click it 30 to 40 times. Crystals inside the pen then produce a low-frequency electrical charge which blocks the nerves from sending pain signals to the brain and stimulates the release of endorphins to relieve pain further. You can use it over the top of clothes. One Pain Gone Pen can provide you with pain relief for up to 2 years before replacement is needed.

Our Price £34.95

Circulation Maxx<br />
Circulation Maxx Circulation Maxx uses a combination of EMS and Far Infrared technologies to stimulate blood flow, relieve aches and pains and keeps your legs and feet healthy.

Our Price £89.95

Bionette Phototherapy Drug-Free Hay Fever Treatment Bionette<br />
Phototherapy Drug-Free Hay Fever Treatment Bionette Hay Fever Treatment uses innovative red light phototherapy to relieve your symptoms. The device is inserted into the nostrils and emits low-level narrow band red light, which acts as an anti-inflammatory. Within 4 to 5 minutes your symptoms will be eased.

Our Price £34.95

WiTouch Pro Wireless Portable TENS Machine WiTouch<br />
Pro Wireless Portable TENS Machine TENS, Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation works by delivering mild electrical stimulation to the nerves via skin electrode pads. This blocks pain signals from being sent to the brain and stimulates the production of natural pain relieving endorphins. TENS is an incredibly popular pain relief method because it is completely free from side effects and targets the painful area rather than affecting the whole body like drugs do. For people with chronic pain caused by injury, pulled muscles, arthritis, rheumatism, fibromyalgia and other chronic pain conditions, TENS is a brilliant solution as it can relieve pain almost instantly as it occurs.

Our Price £129.95

Veinoplus VI Circulation Therapy Veinoplus<br />
VI Circulation Therapy Veinoplus VI is a fast-acting method of circulation therapy which works to increase circulation throughout the calf muscles in order to relieve pain, reduce inflammation and promote recovery of varicose veins. The device delivers TENS pain relief and NMES muscle stimulation to the calf muscles via electrode pads. This clinically proven and medically approved device provides treatment in 30 minute sessions before switching off automatically. Not only will Veinoplus VI provide relief from varicose veins, it can also help to reduce oedema (fluid retention) which is commonly associated with bad circulation. For people who are prone to leg ulcers too, Veinoplus VI can help; improving blood flow to a wounded area can speed up the healing process. Just make sure not to place the electrode pads directly over an open wound.

Our Price £129.95

Lifemax Leisure & Shopping Trolley with Seat Lifemax<br />
Leisure & Shopping Trolley with Seat This trolley’s bag measures 32 x 20 x 55cm and can hold up to 30kgs, providing you with lots of space to fill with shopping bags. A seat measuring 25 x 26cm folds down on the back of the trolley to allow you to sit down anytime, anywhere! It’s perfect when waiting at the bus stop or simply whenever you need a break. It’s great for picnics too, or days at the beach! The bag is made from hardwearing and waterproof microfiber material and it has a zipped front pocket to allow you to store smaller essentials.

Our Price £38.99

Handy Gourmet Healthy Cooking Mat Handy<br />
Gourmet Healthy Cooking Mat The Handy Gourmet Silicone Healthy Cooking Mat is designed to elevate food away from fat and grease when cooking. When cooking meat, pizzas and fried foods on baking trays you will often see grease and fat pouring out. On normal flat trays the food sits in the fat, and ends up soggy, greasy and laden with calories. The hexagon shaped points on the Silicone Healthy Cooking Mat prevent this from happening, making food far healthier. It also helps food to brown more evenly, even on the underside, and helps fried foods or pizzas to crisp up.

Our Price £12.99

Lifemax Infrared Massage Hair Brush Lifemax<br />
Infrared Massage Hair Brush This hairbrush has 7 infrared LED lights which deliver the light therapy directly to your scalp as your brush your hair. It also has a vibration function; by massaging the scalp with gentle vibrations you will encourage blood to circulate to the surface of the scalp, further enhancing the work of the infrared lights.

Our Price £13.99

Lifemax iShaver Lifemax<br />
iShaver Not only does the iShaver have an iconic, modern design, it also uses cutting edge technology to ensure a smooth and comfortable shave. It uses an ultra-fine net foil with floating blades for a close shave without causing any redness or discomfort.

Our Price £19.99

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